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Is a Faster Surgery a Better Surgery?

Early this year in Houston, Dr. Alfi was able to achieve a double-jaw surgery, open to close, in just fifty minutes. Such a surgical time for maxillomandibular surgery is unprecedented and it's now possible because of a few factors: technology, technique, and perhaps most importantly, stellar virtual planning. But is a faster surgery a better surgery? Let's explore.

Reduced orthognathic surgery times can greatly benefit patients in a variety of ways. Alfi Oral Surgery is at the forefront of this movement, utilizing amazing technology such as custom 3D titanium plates to improve outcomes for patients. One major benefit of a decreased surgery time is a decreased risk of complications. The less time a patient is under anesthesia, the greater chance of forgoing unnecessary infection or bleeding. By reducing the overall surgical time, Alfi Oral Surgery is able to minimize risks and ensure the safety of their patients.

In addition to the improved safety profile, a faster surgery also results in a faster recovery. Today, traditional orthognathic surgery can take anywhere between three and eight hours, and the invasive nature of traditional methods can lead to a tougher recovery period. With less time in the OR and new innovation, patients undergoing surgery with AOS forgo being wired shut. Patients no longer need splints, Foley catheters, or other such inconvenient and invasive protocols that come with traditional orthognathic procedures. Innovative techniques and custom 3D titanium plates allow for a more comfortable recovery. This is of course beneficial for patients who have busy schedules and are eager to get back to work or school looking and feeling amazing.

This surgery has been an absolute game-changer for patients. And for many people suffering with malocclusion, sleep apnea and a bad airway, the possibility of greatly improving the quality of their life in just an hour is astounding.

Further, Alfi Oral Surgery's custom 3D titanium plates also allow for a more precision and accuracy, resulting in improved outcomes for patients. The plates are designed specifically for each patient's unique anatomy, ensuring a perfect fit and reducing the need for any revision surgeries.

What was once a daunting procedure for many prospective patients is now viewed as less invasive and swift. Improved orthognathic surgery times offer many benefits for patients, including decreased risk of complications, a better recovery, and improved outcomes. Alfi Oral Surgery's use of amazing technology such as custom 3D titanium plates, techniques, and surgical planning, makes these surgery times possible and provides an awesome experience for patients.

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