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What Smokers and People With Small Jaws Have in Common

One with amazing health habits may think that they are exercising their peek health potential, but what if they suffer from poor bone structure? It's becoming more apparent with continued research that someone with small jaws may be climbing an uphill battle.

The airway is a critical aspect of human physiology, responsible for delivering oxygen to the body's tissues. Any disruptions to the airway can have serious consequences, including sub-par oxygenation. Smokers for example, it is known that they are experiencing compromised oxygenation to the body's organs. However, so are those with bimaxillary retrusion. Poor oxygenation can lead to a variety of health problems. In this paper, we will explore what these two groups have in common and how Alfi Oral Surgery can help mitigate the effects of suboptimal oxygenation.

Smoking is an obvious cause of sub-par oxygenation. The chemicals in cigarette smoke can irritate the airways, causing them to narrow and making it harder to breathe. This can lead to decreased oxygenation and an increased risk of respiratory problems. For this reason, it has been shunned and largely banned in public spaces. And yet we seldom think about those suffering from suboptimal bone structure enduring such risk: those with teeth crowding and not enough room for their tongue, those with bimaxillary retrusion, those with under-developed upper and lower jaws and ultimately, compromised airways. These conditions can result in sub-par oxygenation and host a slew of other health problems, including sleep apnea and chronic snoring.

Smokers and individuals with bimaxillary retrusion have sub-par oxygenation in common. Both groups experience disruptions to their airway, which can lead to decreased oxygenation and a range of health problems. In both cases, sub-par oxygenation can lead to a decreased quality of life.

It may seem unfair that those with healthy habits can suffer the same ills. But luckily, something can be done to expand the airway. Double-Jaw Surgery or bimaxillary surgery, is a surgical procedure that corrects bimaxillary retrusion, underbite, overbite, and asymmetry of the jaws. During the procedure, the upper and lower jaws are repositioned to create a wider airway, allowing for improved oxygenation. The procedure is performed by Alfi Oral Surgery, a highly experienced and skilled oral surgery practice.

Amazing Results: The results of double-jaw surgery can be truly amazing. By widening the airway, the body is able to receive more oxygen, which can have a positive impact on a variety of health problems. In addition, patients often report improved quality of life and increased confidence as a result of the procedure.

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